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Word of God by Pastor Nick Esguerra

WORD International Ministries
Discipleship Process

Stage 1: CONNECT


Seeking Friendships.

  • By this we mean looking opportunities to widen our circle of friends.
  • We connect people through our CP2G program by creating activities and events.
  • We follow the example of Jesus connecting to people as the Lord sincerely reach out and befriend them.
Stage 1
We WIN by intentionally SEEKING FRIENDSHIP of all people with the love of God that meets them where they are.

Stage 2: BELONG


Building Relationships
  • By this we mean starting to invite them to observe as guest in our church gatherings and Small Groups.
  • We make it our goal to make them feel welcome and at home.
  • We careful not to put pressure on them to believe the Gospel, but instead respect their space and time; acknowledging that everyone is on a spiritual journey.

Stage 2
We WIN by BUILDING RELATIONSHIP with our friends and guests, making them feel included and valued in our gatherings.

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