The R {Relationship} Department Team offers a warm atmosphere for visitors, new as well as old members of our Care Group and Support group ministries in the church. The R Team is made up of several ministry teams. You can find more information about our different ministries in the Ministry Overview mentioned below:


Care Group Ministries

Focus –Small Group study

Home Builders Ministry

Enriches and strengthens marriages/families.

Men in Ministry

Building leaders and strengthens families. Leads strong families away from home.

Ladies & Single Mom Ministry

Builds virtuous women of God and helps raise godly children. Strengths the moral fiber of every lady.

Young Adults Ministry

Prepares them for the family life with the main idea to keep purity before marriage.

Youth Ministry

The midpoint between childhood and adulthood. Helps strengthen our youngsters to cope up with peer pressures in campus and to raise Jesus in the culture of gadgets and vices.

Kids Ministry

Teaches them God’s Holy word at a young age to be their foundation so that they can carry on when they grow up.

Senior Citizen’s Ministry

A place for grandmas to find their age group and be able to share their ministries of raising up a godly family.

Mixed-group ministry

A place to interact and study in various age groups. A very challenging group to be a part of.

Support Group

Focus – Support to W-O-R-D

Special Events

Group responsible in organizing small or large church or any other special events to celebrate God’s faithfulness in our church and families. A group of people with talents and professionalism to present the Gospel in a very anointed/organized manner.

Praise and Worship

A pool of skilled and gifted musicians who ushers the people into Worship and experience God in our Worship/prayer meetings.

Prayer Ministry

A group of people devoting their time to intercede in prayer in behalf of the nations, leaders, lost, our church, and other prayer items even when not called to pray.

Ushering/Altar call

They are the people with a big smile receiving members and visitors into the main hall setting up godliness and orderliness within the area.


A group of people connecting one another for the purpose of fellowship, worship, prayer, and visiting/calling up our brethren to participate in public and private worship gatherings. Your gateway to various ministries.

Martha Ministry

Responsible in the booking and cleanliness of the church center and our main worship hall.

Technical Ministry

Takes care of the sounds system to deliver God’s message in a very clear and audible way.

Multimedia & Publication

Responsible group maintaining our IT, Vineyard, weekly word, Audio/Video coverage/recordings, productions, and handling our church website.

Evangelism Team

A small group team who frequently goes to various places to share God’s word to people and to invite them to different church activities for the purpose of sharing the good news of Jesus.

Kairos Team

A deeper approach to Mission and Evangelism, with a cross-cultural strategy.


The group responsible in preparing our worship/prayer venues setting up the church hall ready for use.


Mobilized to bring people and things from and to various worship/prayer gathering places as the ministry requires.


A dance ministry for the purpose of praise and worship through tambourine and dance.

Seeds of Hope

Preparing and mobilizing our church partners by providing means for the needy to study.


Supporting a local or overseas mission for the purpose of sending them aids while presenting the good news of salvation.

Project Andrew

The purpose is to bring the good news to various people in the community, inviting them to our church/prayer gatherings as the Lord leads them through a divine encounter.


To train disciples and make them disciplers through various trainings and small group bible studies.


The first step to joining one of these teams is to attend the “What Now and What’s next”, being held on Fridays after the Morning Worship services through the Follow-Up ministry leading the way to where you exactly belong in WIN Sharjah’s various ministries. The next step is to attend the Follow-Up ministry orientation where you will receive an overview of our ministry teams; have an opportunity to meet the leadership team, and get assistance in finding your place to serve at WIN Sharjah Church. You can register now to volunteer in one of our various Ministries; for more information, contact Erika Garcia by visiting our webpage, and we hope you choose to join our ministries! This team is also connected with the W, O & D teams to fulfill the church mandate and be a living testimony to the people in the community, who needs the Lord. We offer hospitality to one another without grumbling. Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms. If anyone speaks, he should do it as one speaking the very words of God. If anyone serves, he should do it with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ. 1 Peter 4:9-11

Relationship Team Members:

- Joseph Sixto & Romely Catabui

- Joel & Joy Catacutan

- Arbeth & Cheryl Paulino

- Alex & Jinky Sajulan

- Gerry & Maychille Gonzales

- Erika Garcia

The R Team strives to provide opportunities to build relationships that witnesses the power and depth of God's love. To bring people into fellowship to experience, uphold and share the truth that is in Jesus Christ. To be vigilant in prayer, giving God thanks for desiring a relationship with us and for nurturing relationships within the body of believers. 


JOIN A MINISTRY.  EMAIL US @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.