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By Daniel Basanes

I - experience your grace as I see the cross where you died for me.

  - feel your love as you comfort me and make me at peace.

  - know I’m saved as you lead me the way to Jesus.

  - overcome every trial as you stayed with me all the way.

  - enjoy life in abundance as you blessed me more and more.

  - belong to the Body of Christ as you lead me to doing your works for your  glory.

  - was able to give as I see my cup overflows.

  - am what I am now as I experience your love conquering all my fears and doubts.


T - Trusting me to become stewards of your blessings- my family, my job, my church, my friends, my talents, my abilities and all you have given me.

H - Heavenly wisdom that directs my path everyday of my life.

A - Appreciate the works you have done on the cross to pay for my sins.

N - Nothing can compare to the love you have for me.

K - Kindness you have shown me, the many favors I received from you!


G - Great in everything! You are my joy and my strength.

O - Omnipotent God! You know my ways and You make my path straight.

D - Died for Us! You’re the only one who redeemed us from death to life.


I will forever be grateful, thanking you for all you’ve done for me!