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By: Sarah Danielle De Leon

“Every Christian will tell you the most memorable day of their lives were when the “me” came into the cross. Understanding the “me” in the cross makes the difference between spending eternity in hell or heaven. It matters eternally.” 

The last paragraph best described us Christians today. That moment when we accepted Jesus Christ as our Savior; did you really feel what’s it like to surrender yourself to Him?

I was raised by a Christian family and they introduced me to Jesus when I was 10 yrs. old. All I knew back then was Jesus is the Lord and that He is the only way to get to heaven, just when I figured out that hell is a scary place full of demons.

It was after two years when I really met God personally.

I realized that going to Church is not a routine. It should be your personal desire to meet God every Sunday (Middle East Church day – Friday). It is not just to sing when the Praise & Worship team starts singing, but the lyrics of the song, as you sing it should come from your heart. Christianity is not just a religion wherein you say to your Non-Christian acquaintances that you are a ‘Christian,’ it is your personal relationship with Christ that makes it a so-called religion (in my own perspective). It doesn’t matter if you know a lot of stories in the Bible if you don’t even know or understand the real meaning of them.

Many of us claim to be Christians but doesn't really living like one. When you accepted Him, it means giving yourself to Him, believing in Him, and living like Him. How can you say that you’re a Christian to a person who still sees the old you?

It is really hard for us, especially in our generation to resist temptations in this world. Sin is everywhere; Party bars, internet, different gadgets and some friends who are influencing us to try smoking and drinking alcohol. But even if you have done those things before, you were redeemed by Jesus Christ when you accepted Him as your Lord and Saviour. And it is your choice if you still want to do those old habits.

Lastly, if we still do some things that we know aren't Christ-like behavior, let us go to the CROSS wholeheartedly, and start living a life that would save us for eternity, in heaven.