One of the many truths revealed in the Bible is about “Stewardship”. It covers a wide subject of responsibility and accountability of all the things God entrusted into our care. Just like our passage today commanded us that “it is required that those who have given a trust must prove faithful and trustworthy. We are called to be faithful and good stewards of life, resources, time, talents, gifts, blessings and finances. 

As Christians we are called to be victorious in all aspect of our lives for we are more than conquerors in Christ. Our finances should not dictate us but we should master our finances. We should know how to handle our finances and seek Godly wisdom on how to use it. Let us be reminded by what Proverbs 17:16 when the Scriptures ask, “Of what use is money in the hand of a fool, since he has no desire to get wisdom?” We can consider ourselves as a fool if we are not filled with wisdom in using the money in our hands.

Loans and credits become so usual in our time today. There was a time that these things are so hard to acquire. In the past, those who were grated loans and credit cards were people who are able to fulfill their obligations. This is the reason why before, banks and lending institutions require so many documents prior to the approval of loans and credit cards. You have to prove your capabilities in paying back before you may be granted one.

Being in debt in terms of loans and brought by credit cards become an appealing bait to many including Christians. Somehow Satan is so effective to use it as a bait to lure many and to make them misery in their lives in paying the loan and credit back. We have so many cases like this in some churches today including our church.

Not only the Lord wants us to have abundant life being victorious over finances but also Jesus came to “set us free” from any bondages and this includes debts and financial liabilities. Let us admit that today many Christians are living in debts and because of this they cannot fully experience the abundant life Jesus promised them. Believers are being burdened and oppressed by debts to the point that they become slaves of it. It is for this reason Christ set us free that we should not allow ourselves to be burdened by any yoke of slavery including our financial obligations and debts.

We are to blame ourselves if we suffer in doing wrong in terms of mishandling our finances or making a wrong decision in making financial obligation and debt. It is not commendable in the sight of God and man if a Christian will suffer in life and sent in prison simply because he or she has not become wise as stewards of his/her finances or unfaithful in paying his/her obligation. Good and faithful stewardship does not only include in how we manage our finances but also in paying back our financial obligations. If we know how to burrow we should plan and know how to pay as well.

God provides us with financial resources meant to sustain and bless us; not to control us by being burdened and oppressed by it. As being God’s stewards of financial blessings, we should be wise in using it and be accountable in whatever decision we make.

By: Pastor Nick Esguerra