In our lives as human beings there are times that we become careless of the things we utter. We speak of things that we don’t even think of just to pretend something. The Apostle Peter experienced the same when he was confronted with the truth that Jesus needs to suffer and die. He told Jesus that he was ready to go to prison and to die for His sake. Peter was so careless and confident that he made his words not thinking if his faith was that strong. That is why our Lord Jesus rebuked Peter and told him that before the rooster crows he would deny Him three times.

Many times in our lives as Christians we profess the same thing like Peter. We make remarkable statement to our Lord that when time comes to prove it, we deny Him of what we said. Like Peter we want to be identified with Christ but we deny Him when we are confronted to show it. We usually say, “Lord, I am ready to go with You” but when the road becomes rough and rugged we struggle to follow. Often times we profess our allegiance to Jesus but we fail Him of our submission and obedience to what we say. 

Being ready to go with Christ both to prison and to death needs more than just saying it. It needs faith larger than a mustard seed to do it. Peter needs to have the courage and boldness from God not from himself. He needs the power of the Holy Spirit to strengthen him. These all happened to Peter after his denial of Jesus. That is why after being restored by Jesus himself and filled with the power form above, Peter was now ready to go with Christ. He proves this many times after Pentecost when he was imprisoned and his life in stake in preaching the risen Christ. He was ready to go to prison and to die for the sake of the gospel.

As Jesus followers, how ready are we to go with Christ and for the sake of his gospel? Do we profess things that we cannot act upon trying to prove something, which we are not? Let us not be like the old Peter but the renewed and empowered Peter who was ready to go all the way for the Lord.

By Pastor Nick Esguerra