Lack of something out of our lust often times brings evil than good. It makes us to do things that will create sin in our lives. The Word of God describes it as one of the root of our quarrels and fights among each other. It will always lead us into jealousy and envy. It drives us to crave for something that comes from our inner fleshly desire for pleasure. It makes us to covet things even we know it is not right in the eyes of God. It leads people to steal and even murder to the point of killing somebody just to satisfy and obtain our want. But behind all these facts, there is a truth that lies beneath our being incomplete in everything.

God make us to want that out of it we may able to depend upon Him and seek His grace. He makes us incomplete that our wholeness is upon Him and not on our own. As Christians the grace of God is abundant in us that the promise of His word tells us that we will not lack of any good things. If this is the case for us, why is it that we lack of things that we want to have in our lives? There are two main reasons behind this base on our passage above.

We do not have because we do not ask.

God promised us with many great things. He blessed us with wonderful things beyond our understanding. There are things that God alone can give without any part on us but there are things that God wants to give that we need to ask Him by faith.

One reason why we lack of something that God promised is because we are not asking and claiming that is already ours. Asking God for something display our all out dependency from Him. He is not withholding anything from us but He is just waiting for our prayers for Him to bless us.

We ask and do not have because we ask amiss.

Let us remember that our asking will always be subjected to His divine will. There are things that we ask but do not have it because we ask amiss. Not all things will bring goodness in our lives. There are things that will create harm and bad for us.

Many things we desire sometimes affect our Christian life and relationship with God. Our Lord knows what is good and bad for us. He will not bless us things that are not good for us out of our wrong motives and pleasure.

Acquiring things out of lust and covetousness will always bring evil. Next time you feel you lack something, seek God and ask Him your desire. May God grant you the intents of your heart according to His riches and glory through Christ our Lord.


By Pastor Nick Esguerra