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Have you ever ask yourself why there are Christians who are ineffective and unproductive in their knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. Ineffective and unproductive in the sense that even though the Lord gave us wonderful privilege to know Him and His words yet this knowledge of Him still finds useless and unfruitful in our lives. 

One thing that characterizes our Christian life is our “covenant relationship” with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. Sad to say many believers profess that they are Christians but without an intimate relationship with Christ. Christianity is not only about salvation, eternal life, and being followers of Jesus but it is all about our “covenant relationship” with God.  Our life as Christians does not stop when we were saved, given eternal life and became followers of Jesus but these are just pre-requisites of having a fruitful and everlasting relationship with God

Now when it comes to our growth in terms of relationship with God, there is one important aspect that we need to have for us to continue to grow in our relationship with the Lord. What is it? The answer is our “knowledge of the Lord”. Relationship with God and knowledge of the Lord goes hand in hand. We cannot separate one from the other. Our growing relationship with God depends fully on our knowledge of the Lord. We cannot enter relationship with God without a proper understanding of the Lord. We grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ as we also grow in our knowledge of Him.

The purpose of 2 Peter is to warn Christians about false teachers and to exhort them to grow in their faith and in their knowledge of Christ. From this purpose of Peter’s writing, we Christians today are not exempted from this writing and how we need to be encouraged more to grow in our knowledge of God. Today we live in a time where there are many false teachings and the only way we can stand this is by holding to what we have believed and to continue to grow in our understanding of Jesus Christ. From this reason alone we can see how really important is it for us to grow in our knowledge of God.

Growing in the knowledge of the Lord is not that easy the way we think of it. In our physical lives and busyness, it is easy for us to be stagnant and get weary of growing in our knowledge of the Lord. There are times we don’t feel like studying God’s words and attending Bible study group thinking that our knowledge of Jesus is more than enough. Verse 5 tells us to “make every effort” and to be “diligent” in doing it. We have to exert effort in all diligence for us to grow continuously in our knowledge of Jesus Christ.


Fruitful In God’s Knowledge
By Pastor Nick Esguerra