Many of us Christians profess that Jesus is our Lord but fail to make Him Master of our life. This indicates that we are still in control of everything and not Christ. It is easy for us to acknowledge Jesus to the extent of calling Him Lord but fail to obey His will. Satan for example acknowledge Jesus as Lord but it does not mean he submit himself to the authority of Christ.

The Bible said not everyone who will call Jesus his or her Lord would enter the kingdom of God. Only those people who know how to obey God’s will and at the same time making Jesus master of their lives can enter the kingdom of heaven. Let us not forget that Jesus Christ is both Savior and Lord. Acknowledging Him as Savior and Lord requires full submission of everything to Him.

As we thank Him for saving us from our sins, we submit our whole life to Him as bond slaves. Being His servants we need to obey Him and fulfill what He wants us to do. As the Scripture says we cannot serve two masters. We cannot be master of our life and at the same time acknowledge Jesus as Lord. If indeed you consider Him as your Master, He alone must reign in your life.

Jesus Christ cannot be our Lord if He is not our Savior. We need to be saved by Him first before we can make Him Master of our life. Many profess that Jesus is Lord but deep inside their heart they are not saved by the work of Christ and have not been redeemed by His blood. It is the will of God that we put our faith in Jesus to be saved. Making Him as Savior not only assures us of God’s kingdom but we have the privilege to call Him as our Lord. Let us make Him master of our life and let Him rule us with complete obedience to His will.

by Pastor Nick Esguerra