Christ came to save, to save people from their sins, humanity from its hopelessness, and bring light to the darkness that we live in.

The angel told Joseph the purpose for Christ’s coming in the manger. (Matthew 1:21-25)

a. His name would be “Jesus,” which is in Hebrew means, “Joshua,” which means Savior and Deliverer.

b. The angel defined it as, “He shall save his people from their sins.”

What is Christ’s greatest accomplishment? It was not His miracles or His insightful teaching or His example of love. The greatest achievement of the God of Christmas is salvation. Sin is a powerful force in our lives and holds us in captivity. The Bible describes our spiritual struggles and failures in various ways.

For example, we are trapped as it were in a sea of mud. The more we struggle to get out, the deeper we sink. We are in a dark pit whose walls are so high that we can’t possibly climb out. We are so terribly ill there is no cure. We are in a prison with no hope of being released. We are lost and don’t know where to go. This is where the deliverance at Christmas brilliantly shines.

He is a great teacher, but truth by itself can’t save us. If you are drowning, you don’t need someone to shout instructions from the shore. You don’t need a lecture on swimming. You need someone to come into the water and save you.

God’s Son, Jesus, comes to us in our captivity, in our terrible and hopeless dilemma, and rescues us. His death on the cross demonstrates His great love for us in saving us from our sins and paying the price for our deliverance and forgiveness. Jesus is God’s deliverer—this is God’s rescue strategy—He sends Jesus to Earth to save us and to bring us to Heaven. This is the God of all grace, reaching down, down, down to us.

But salvation is only for those who admit that they have failed, that they are sinners. If we could have earned our own salvation, there would be no reason for Jesus Christ to come to this world and to die on the cross. We are not saved by what we do, but by trusting in Jesus Christ, who has done everything. That’s what it means to be saved by grace alone, through faith alone because of Christ alone. And grace means that salvation is offered to us free of charge.

Christmas brings us joy! When the angel of the Lord appeared to the shepherds, they were very afraid. Probably the shepherds, realizing their own sinfulness, were expecting a message of judgment, of doom. But the message is “Fear not.”

Some people think they are doomed to live a life of sadness, despair, despondency, fear and hopelessness. They live in fear of others, of failure, of what others think; fear of the future. This year may have been a year of deep disappointments and sadness for you, but great joy is offered to you this Christmas. God wants you to have great joy.

Zacharias’ prophecy of Christ the newborn Savior ends describing a beautiful description of Christ’s salvation in comparison to the darkness of this earth.

a. By God’s mercy we are saved.

b. We are saved by Christ coming to us.

c. Christ salvation delivers us from the power of Satan the enemy, ultimately the evil of death.

d. Christ’s salvation will ultimately meant the “peace” of God now and in the new heaven and new earth.

We need a Savior. Christ saved us by coming to us. And, because He is come, we will ultimately be delivered from evil, darkness and death.



Pastor Mark