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Matthew 28:5-7
The Angel said to the women, DO NOT BE AFRAID for  I know that you are looking for Jesus who was crucified. He is not here: He has risen, just as He said. COME &  SEE the place where He lay. Then GO QUICKLY & tell His disciples: He has risen from dead & is going ahead of you into Galilee. There you will see Him: Now I have told you.



It's a nature for us human to fear. I'm sure each one of us has fear? Do you know when people  starts to fear? It starts, when the first people in this world fall out of sin. At first, when people not yet sin, they have no fear. They can talk to God as long as they want, but when they sin, fear starts to live in human hearts.

We have lots of fears, right? Some are afraid of losing job.  Some sick people afraid of having their sick to get worse and may cause of death. Some also afraid of the economic downfall, because it’s getting   worst and become more complicated, People afraid today for they don't know what will happen tomorrow.

In the whole Bible, "DO NOT BE AFRAID" mentioned 365 times. It means, there is a reminder in each day in a year to don’t fear.

We have a different God, Jesus Christ, than the other God.

  • Buddha -. He lived, teach, died, and remain dead.
  • Confucius –  worshipped by many Chinese people. He lived, teach, died, & also remain dead.
  • Felix Manalo – founder of Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of God). He lived, teach, died & remain dead but Jesus Christ –he lived, teach and died, but on the 3rd day, He rose from the dead & as what written on John 11:25, " I am the resurrection & the life. He who lives in me will live, even though he dies."

 We can see in that verse the sureness of eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

And if we believe in Him as our Lord and Savior,we also have the sureness of having eternal life.

II. COME & SEE (Verse 6)

We need to see Christ personally in our lives. Meaning, we need to feel Him, we need to experience Him in our lives. 

Many knows Jesus Christ, even the Muslims know Him, but the sad part is, they don’t know Christ personally, they don’t even accept Him as their Lord & Savior.

It is important that we can see Him personally, know Him personally, and accept Him personally as our Lord & Savior. And if we do this, we will feel/experience the power of Christ who rose from the dead, and we will also have the sureness of having eternal life. 

III. GO QUICKLY (verse 7)

It is not enough that we only experience Him, we also need to share it to others especially to the lost ones, so that they can also experience Christ in their lives.

Go quickly! Quickly--means, we need to hurry. we need to hurry because of 3 reasons:

1. In a reason of quick spread of population. Each day, there are many babies born, and more than people died. So, we need to hurry to reach the lost ones before the end of their life comes.

2. We need to hurry because night is coming. God said in, John 9:4--`As long as it is day, we must do the work of Him who sent me. Night is coming, when no one can work..

Today, we're free to worship, to preach and to share the Word of God here in U.A.E, but we're not sure until when... 

There was a pastor went to Vietnam  3 days before it goes to the hands of the communist. He became a speaker in a big conference & more than 35 participants only joined. He said, "Where are the other believers?." And they said "Did you know Pastor, there are many believers has already no freedom. Some injured their legs for they we're arrested because of their faith. And some are persecuted when they know that they are Christians."
"Is it really this hard to share the Gospel to you?", pastor said.
"No Pastor, there are times that we can freely share the Gospel, and we thought that is for eternity.
But the night came, when the country fell on the hands of the communist, many Christians were prison and put to death."

So, we're more blessed because we have this freedom to worship, preach, and share the Gospel.

Let's thank the Lord for this freedom, but let us also remember that there is no sureness if this freedom is for eternity.

That's why, while there's time, let's spend our everyday life in spreading the Gospel.

3. We need to hurry for the second coming of Christ is near. Let's remember that the coming of Christ is near today than yesterday. And we know that this is really sure. Because it is what He said and what He promised, "I WILL RETURN". and What He promised, has a sure fulfillment.

Who knows Gen. Douglas MacArthur? We know him in his phrase "I shall return" but it's not  sure.. because maybe he may not be able to come back.

Like what he said, "I shall return", and he did it. but God didn't say, "I shall". what he say is "I will return." And this is very very very sure. Nothing or no one can stop this great event.

My dear brothers and sisters, now we know the sureness of salvation and his coming,  we have the responsibility to share it, the Gospel to others.

In conclusion, the points that we need to remember and need to put in our hearts are:

Don’t fear--in whatever situation we may face today, DONT FEAR, for we have God who rose from the dead; God who is in control; God who loves us so very much; and God who will never leave us.

Come and See--we need to experience/ know God personally in our lives.

Go quickly--we need to hurry because of quick spread of population, because night is coming, and lastly, because the 2nd coming of Christ is near.

So while there is a chance, life & strength, We need to use/spend it to spread the Gospel, in other words, to spend it for the Glory of God. It is our great mission--to go in every corners of this world and tell the Good News of Salvation to everyone. 

Don't forget that we only have one life. We're not like the characters in the computer games who has plenty of lives. We have only one life, everything passes by and only the works of the Lord lasts forever.